Cherry jelly and strawberry cake

Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt.

The yolks are mixed with the sugar and baking powder until they double in volume.

We add one by one, continuing to mix at the low stage of the mixer, one tablespoon of mineral water until we incorporate the entire amount.

Add the vanilla essence and coconut, then give up the mixer.

In the mixture obtained, add a little of the beaten egg whites, mix lightly with a wooden spoon and incorporate in turn all the flour and all the beaten egg whites.

Pour this mixture into a pan greased with oil and lined with flour.

Bake the pan in the preheated oven for 40 minutes (170 degrees).

We do the test with the toothpick and take the top out of the oven.

Put 900 ml of cherry juice on low heat.

Dissolve the vanilla pudding powder in 100 ml of cold juice.

When the juice on the fire reaches the boiling point, add the dissolved pudding powder. We get a mixture of the consistency of a pudding.

We add a jar of strawberry jam, let it boil for a few minutes and so hot we pour the mixture obtained over the top of the tray.

Leave to cool, then keep the tray for about 1 hour in the cold to thicken the jelly to be easy to portion.

Melt the chocolate in 6-7 tablespoons of whipped cream on low heat.

Decorate the portions of the cake with chocolate, whipped cream and a sour cherry.

Good appetite!

Strawberry jelly cake & # 8211 a perfect cake for the season

I don't know about you, but I'm crazy about strawberry shortcakes. This is a pretty improvised recipe, but it's absolutely delicious. Strawberry jelly cake & # 8211 a perfect cake for the season. It is very similar to the Fanta cake we talked about before and we tried a lot of recipes, only this time it is a cake with strawberry jelly, not orange jelly.

Cherry and strawberry jelly cake - Recipes

it looks very good and it's an interesting recipe as much as I would like at least half of the sliced ​​:)

Very successful lissa cake! You decorated it very delicately! The combination of cioco and strawberries I don't say anymore, I know how it is! Guess delicious!
I saw that you used the almond countertop, I never made it and I would like to try it! Kiss you and only good!

Schokolade and Strawberries reconcile as two lovers.
And the Cake looks perfect as always. Compliment

Lissa, you make some wonderful decorations, as usual, but the roses are gorgeous, so translucent. As for the combination of chocolate and strawberries, I say nothing more, I just swallow dry.

Alexandra, I would give you the whole slice because it's super tasty. that is, it was.
Kiss you my dear!

Thank you Flor dear, you can try the countertop, I really like the cake and the cake ..it works very well.

Thanks Jacktels. you're right, the combination is delicious!

Laly, thank you my dear. I really like white roses, they always seem to be more ... imposing, so to speak, more elegant!
Kiss you!

Superb cake. Happy birthday to your husband, I think the most precious gift for him is to have you with him. I really like to come back to your blog in a few days. congratulations!

Thank you dear Raluca, thank you very much!

BRAVA and again BRAVA.

I was drooling like your blog :)
just delicious stuff.I loved it.
I found out about it and now I won't let you.tb I have a corner if you want to dress up.

Welcome to me, I'm sorry I don't know what you're saying, thank you anyway!

Congratulations on this delicious cake. Even my guests "praised" him today when I served them a slice of cake made step by step according to your instructions. They found it hard to believe it wasn't from the confectionery. Thanks. Adina, Cluj Napoca

Congratulations on this delicious cake. Even my guests "praised" him today when I served them a slice of cake made step by step according to your instructions. They found it hard to believe it wasn't from the confectionery. Thanks. Adina, Cluj Napoca

Adina, what a pleasant surprise you made me! How glad I am that your guests liked the cake, thank you for trying it, I kiss you!

God, how beautiful all these cakes are !!
Congratulations, I admire you a lot!

Congratulations, Lissa, for your talent and patience and for these wonderful cakes.
I received an award and I would like to offer it to you, you definitely deserve it more than me. You can find it on my blog.

Narnia, thank you very much for the congratulations and thank you very much for the award, I will stop by your place, kiss you!

I bow before you, not even in the most pretentious confectioneries in my city have I seen such cakes, this is already their art from my point of view. Unfortunately for me, you didn't write on the blog about any cake, their external execution, I realize why. if I don't ask too much don't write me an idea about how I could make the cake in the shape of a guitar (actually I want a violin for my son), on my gmail address.

Sorina, thank you very much for your appreciation.
I also have cakes for which I took pictures step by step, bust cake, children's castle, topsy turvy, book. I have ornaments step by step, I don't have time to take pictures of each cake but who asked me I answered openly with pleasure. Most of them are dressed with sugar paste or powdered milk, both recipes are put step by step. The guitar is very easy to make , I simply went on google search for guitar images and I was inspired by a real one. I made a pattern with the size I needed and I cut the cake. Because it's big, almost life-size, I made - one of two pieces, the box separately and the neck of the guitar separately, I dressed each one in paste and then I joined them.
Good luck and you can ask me anytime you need me to answer with pleasure!

Hi Lissa. I have been visiting your site for a long time but this is the first time I am writing you a message. Congratulations, little is said for the talent, patience and soul you put into creating these wonders. I really like everything you do, I I learned a lot from you, I even made a cake according to your recipe, it turned out very good, but I still have a lot of work to do on the artistic side. Congratulations once again

Dana, thank you very much for your appreciation and congratulations!
I look forward to seeing you and I'm really glad if you had something to learn from me!

Hi Lissa. I made two cakes according to your recipe & chocolate quottort and strawberry jelly & quot, only I replaced the strawberries with cherries, it turned out fff good. Next time I will try the recipe from the cake you made on New Year's Eve and it looks good. If you give me an e-mail address, I'll send you two pictures of the cakes I made, just don't laugh at me. As for the appearance, they don't look like yours, learned from you, you are an example for me. I gave your site to all my friends, they also have what they learn from you. Thank you very much for all the advice you give them, so well explain all the details that you can not not to understand them. I hope you don't mind me using your recipes.

Dana, how good I think it was with cherries, chocolate and cherries reconcile very well, I'm glad you liked it and I would really like to see them. Woe to me, how to laugh!

Dana, I'm not upset at all that you make my recipes, if I wanted to keep them just for me, I wouldn't have put them on the blog, I'm even glad you like them. I'll kiss you and have a good day!

I can hardly believe that something like this can be done at home. But the confectionery ones are also made by people, right?
Sorry if the question doesn't make sense, I'm entering your blog for the first time, but do you have a specialization in the field or is it just a passion?

I will read more here, although I still have to resist on the blog (out of lust) and I will try something soon.

The almond top is the second cake top that I learned and I fell in love with both the taste and the way it is prepared.

I am very pleasantly impressed and I promise to learn how to decorate a cake, I feel that from here I have how.

Welcome to me!
.. I have been asked this question many times, so I will be happy to answer, I have no specialization in the field, it's just a passion and honestly I don't even realize how it started.
I'm really glad you were impressed by what you found here, thank you and I'm still waiting for you!

Hi Lissa, I also have a question about how many people get your Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Jelly. I want to try it for my birthday and I have to do it on Saturday at 17.05.
I made another post but I don't know where. I'm waiting for your answer and until then only good.

Hi, Alexandra!
I made the cake in a pan with a diameter of 26 cm, it is quite large and reaches up to 20 people. it depends on how you cut the sea slice.
Good thing he's very good.

hello lissa. you are wonderful what else to say, an artist. I am constantly following your blog. please tell me if I could put gelatin in egg cream, not at the end as it is in the recipe? it's about chocolate cream. I did it according to the recipe, but I must have done something wrong because the gelatin didn't dissolve in the cream, it came out with donuts. Could you help me? ADRIAN

Thank you Adriana for your appreciation, you are nice but even the artist is still there. after melting the gelatin on steam with water, take 1-2 lg of cream and mix with the gelatin so hot, then with all the cream and it will not be lumpy.

Thanks for the help dear Lissa. I don't really know how to use gelatin because I've been using it for a while but I'll persevere. I tried several recipes from you, including the cake top without baking powder, fruit cream, sugar paste and everything went very well for me and I was surprised. Soon I will make the cake for my little girl's adulthood and I have great emotions because I haven't decided yet how it will be. Adriana

Hi Lissa! I also made this Easter Cake ... it turned out very nice, it looks so good, and very gusots! I want to ask you, after it is decorated, the cake is still kept in the fridge. because I didn't keep it in the fridge..and the cream started to leave :( :(. I can't wait to make it again ..

Hi Dannutsa, yes ... keep cool without problems.
kiss you!

I also made this cake today. now it rests in the fridge to harden. but I have a doubt. after you put the second sheet with the jelly and the white chocolate cream. why you have to leave it in the fridge for a few hours and then put the last sheet on the counter.
so far it came out perfectly I can't wait to decorate it tonight but tasting the creams I can say it's delicious. thanks a lot!!

Monica dear, I reread the recipe and it seems that I expressed myself wrong, put the sheet over the cream and then keep it cold for a few hours before decorating. I will change, thanks for the warning.
You will definitely like the cake, a pleasant evening.

Hi lissa. I just discovered your blog and I can say that I was very impressed. You are a perfect housewife. Your recipes are fantastic and I especially like that you give a lot of advice. I am a beginner in the kitchen and maybe you will laugh the question I'm going to ask you. How are roses and chocolate cake and strawberry jelly made? Thank you for existing.

Hi Lissa, I'm sorry to bother you, first the cup, now here: P. But you make some wonderful cakes, which I want to try, next month I will make another cake, and I will prepare in time. I made another cake with 3 kinds of chocolate, it said it was chocolate mousse, but it only had whipped cream liquid, chocolate, whipped cream and gelatin in the composition, it was very good in taste, but I see in you that in fact the mousse also has eggs. What is the role of eggs? change the taste? or just more cream results at the end, and has a thicker composition? (the recipe I was making flows like cream jelly)

Alexandra, I used to read on the internet that eggs are put in mousse, I don't know what it's like without eggs because I didn't do it so I could tell you the difference between creams.

Hi, I wanted to tell you how to make some beautiful cakes, I have already made 2 cake recipes and everyone was delighted, this time I will try this one for my birthday, I hope it comes out, I don't really know how to decorate it. I tried the sugar puree and it didn't work out, it was crumbly, maybe I did something wrong, I'll try again.

Good luck and with as many delicious recipes as possible. :)

Good evening,
My dear Lissa, I have tried your recipes countless times. Whatever cake I choose to make, I always make the top from you.
Now I want to make creams for a cake and I am curious if these creams can be made without gelatin ?! Or at least if it can be replaced with something?

Hi Catalina, these creams need gelatin, but you could make ganas chocolate and white chocolate cream and you can put starch in jelly instead of gelatin, at this amount of strawberries dissolve 2 tablespoons of starch with a little water and mix with strawberries on the fire, it thickens when it boils, you take it aside and when it's cold it's like a jam.

Hi, I would like to make this cake and I was curious if the cream used in the cream is vegetable or natural? Thank you, Lena, Cluj

Hi Lena, you can do it with both vegetable cream and natural cream.


Yes, as usual. my taste buds instantly felt the sweet and sour taste of the cherries in your pictures, so I have a big flood :)). I'm going to get some red currants from the bush, as a sign of consolation. It looks great. An idea came to me right away ... what if I make the currant cake tomorrow? You know that word - * miss the strawberries you eat and the tails * .. Pup

I think it goes perfectly with currants or any kind of seasonal fruit.
I want to do it with apricots, peaches and plums.
Tell me how it turned out.

Here is still full of cherry season. Yesterday I finished a cake tray and seeing your pictures I would plunge back into a recipe.

Here is another recipe that goes by the same shoe, but it's simpler in case you don't have poppy seeds in the house.

300 g cherries, 2 large eggs, 1/2 cup sugar. 1/2 cup oil, 1/2 cup milk, 2 cups flour + baking powder, vanilla sugar and lemon peel.
250 ml cup.
It's done the same way. It comes out wonderful.
Pup and increase the cake.

How good the cake looks! And it's so interesting with poppy seeds. At least I don't use it much in cakes.

The cake looks very good. I really like poppies and cherries. I wrote it down and it must be tried.

Strawberry cheesecake with cherry jelly

Crush the digestive biscuits and mix with margarine or melted butter until they become sandy, then put them in a round shape with removable walls and compact well. Put strawberries cut in half on the edges, then the tray with the top is cooled for half an hour to harden.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream cheese as follows: First, moisturize the gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes. Then we heat the milk (not to boil, but to burn our fingers a little), then we put hydrated gelatin in the milk, milk that we put in whipped cream. Put the cottage cheese in a bowl together with the sugar and mix with the mixer until it becomes a cream, then gradually add the whipped cream and mix for another 5 minutes. Put the milk with gelatin. Let it cool again for 2-3 hours to harden.

Prepare the cherry jelly on top. Unwrap the cherries and put them in a blender together with the 3 tablespoons of sugar. Put the hydrated gelatin in cold water again for 5 minutes. We put the cherry paste resulting from the blender on the fire to boil for 2 minutes, we let it cool a little, but not at all because if it is cold, the gelatin does not work. When it has cooled, add hydrated gelatin and pour it over the counter and leave it to cool.

What is jelly and how to cook it

Nutriday Delicious Strawberries went perfectly at. How to prepare lingonberry jelly and starch Frozen fruit jelly. But you can also add to it: cranberries, blueberries, strawberries. It is not worth considering, however, that starch jelly is a third dish. Refrigerate and prepare the strawberry jelly. Cut the diced strawberries with the sugar and water and bring to a boil over low heat. Rating: 4.3 & # 8211 23 reviews & # 8211 1 hour 30 min. Dessert in a glass with strawberry and cherry jelly & # 8211 Recipes Timea recipe. Jelly: 200 gr strawberries 2 tablespoons sugar 3 teaspoons starch. Fanta cake or cake with fluffy cocoa top, fine cream cheese and refreshing orange jelly.

I also replaced the pudding powder with cornstarch. Sugar-free ice cream with strawberries - video recipe. Cheesecake with cherry & # 8211 cool and creamy, with cream cheese, mascarpone, vanilla and a delicious cherry jelly.

Strawberry syrup (made by me). Incorporate the wine. Strawberries are placed in dessert cups cut in half.

Cherry and strawberry jelly cake - Recipes

Ingredient for wheat:
5 eggs
1 cup sugar
5 tablespoons water
5 tablespoons oil
1 cana faina
1 baking powder
1 vanilla sugar ,lemon zest
a pinch of salt

Ingredient for creams:

for whipped cream and yogurt
1 plain yogurt - (200 ml)
200 ml liquid cream
500 gr strawberries
half a lemon (to sprinkle with chopped strawberries)

for vanilla pudding
400 ml of milk
3 tablespoons sugar
1 sachet of vanilla pudding.

a gelatin sachet for cake, (preferably red)
2 tablespoons sugar
250 ml of compote juice..or water

Countertop preparation method:

Separate the egg whites from the yolks, then put on the fire, in a saucepan, a cup of sugar and the 5 tablespoons of water.
Let it melt, until a syrup is formed, when we lift with a spoon from that syrup, let a thin thread flow without interrupting, then the "syrup" is ready, we take it off the heat and let it cool a little, we put the 5 tablespoons of oil, there .. Meanwhile beat the egg whites, along with salt and lemon zest. hard foam when we turn the bowl .. not to flow. then add the syrup and the yolks, in 2 portions ... chewing continuously. We also put the baking powder in the flour cup ... and we gradually incorporate it in that composition. chewing lightly..from the bottom. with a wooden spoon. and if you do it at the food processor. this stage, when you put the flour. leave on speed 1. until the flour is incorporated
In a tray lined with oil and flour, put the composition and put it in the oven, it is preheated, and do not open the oven door .. until it is ready. leave..up to the edges of the countertop. are the Romanians.

How to prepare cream:
Beat the whipped cream with the mixer, put the yogurt box and continue beating. then add the diced strawberries, chewing lightly with a spoon (without mixer). to keep the pieces of fruit. We put it in the cold until we spread it on the counter.

Pudding preparation:
Put the milk with the sugar to boil, meanwhile put the pudding powder in a bowl, and put the milk chewing until it dissolves. when the milk reaches the boiling point, we pour the composition into a thin thread, chewing continuously ... then we leave it to cool.

How to prepare jelly cake (red):
Follow the directions on the envelope. respectively..we put the powder and sugar in a bowl, dissolve it with the compote juice, chewing continuously..then put it on the fire for a minute. (don't have to boil much).

Now we're going to fill the counter. we cut it in half. put on the first sheet, whipped cream and yogurt, spread it all over the surface,
We put the 2nd sheet. over which we spread the vanilla pudding,
We place slices of strawberries.
/> Now we put the jelly composition.

HOME recipe - November 15, 2011 - Cake with sour cream and cherries

For the dough:
250 g butter or margarine & # 259,
200 g zah & # 259r,
4 or & # 259,
250 g f & # 259in & # 259,
1 sachet Baking powder from Dr. Oetker.
For stuffing & # 259:
2 jars of wine compote (370 g of wine each),
700 ml milk,
2 sachets of Original Vanilla Taste Pudding from Dr. Oetker,
100 g zah & # 259r,
600 g sm & acircnt & acircn & # 259.
For decoration:
2 red Tort-Gelee envelopes from Dr. Oetker,
40 g zah & # 259r,
500 ml of wine compote.

Method of preparation:
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
Mix the flour with the baking powder.
Beat the butter or margarine with the mixer at maximum speed. Gradually add the sugar, then the eggs (each egg every half minute) and the flour in two slices, stirring continuously until homogenous.
The dough is poured into a tray (30 x 40 cm, greased), leveled and baked for 30 minutes. Remove the tray from the oven, place it on a wire rack and leave to cool. Remove the grapes from the compote and let them drain on a sieve. Soak 500 ml of vinegar compote for jelly. Line the baking tray with baking paper, around the baking tray, and distribute the bread evenly over the countertop.
The 2 sachets of pudding are prepared according to the instructions on the package with 100 g of sugar and 750 ml of milk. Over the hot pudding, add the sour cream and mix well.
The pudding cream is spread on the tray, over the vine.
Put the tray back in the oven for 25 minutes, in the hot oven, at a constant temperature. Turn off the oven and leave the cake to simmer for 10 minutes with the door of the oven slightly open, after which it is removed and kept in the fridge for 1-2 hours.
Prepare the cake-jelly according to the instructions on the package with grape juice and sugar, after which it is spread over the pudding and left to cool. To serve, loosen the baking sheet and carefully remove it.

Cherry cake

Because it's cherry season, why not make a cherry cake? I picked some meaty and delicious cherries from the country, if I wanted to eat them: P, only I had already decided to make this cake since I saw it on Cakebox.ro.

ingredients for a tray 26 cm in diameter

110 g soft butter
200 g sugar
300 g flour
1 sachet of baking powder (I put a teaspoon and it did not come out too fluffy)
2 eggs
170 ml of milk
vanilla essence
400 g pitted cherries
2 tablespoons flour
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
powdered sugar

Mix the butter with the sugar until smooth, then add the eggs and mix well. Add the flour together with the baking powder, then the vanilla and the warm milk. Mix for 2-3 minutes.

In a tray greased and lined with baking paper, pour half of the composition, then sprinkle the cherries rolled forward with the mixture of flour and ginger, then pour the rest of the composition.

Bake (preheated) for an average of 20-30 minutes until the cake passes the toothpick test.

Video: ASMR oční želé, oční čokoláda EATING SOUND (January 2022).