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Mom's raisin muffins

Ingredients for Mommy's Raisin Cookies

  1. 4 eggs
  2. Sugar 400-500 grams
  3. Wheat flour 400-500 grams
  4. Potato starch 400-500 grams
  5. Creamy Margarine 500 grams
  6. Curd 200 grams
  7. Raisins 200 grams
  8. Powdered sugar for baking powder
  9. Baking soda 1 teaspoon
  10. Vegetable oil for greasing molds
  • Main ingredients: Raisin, Curd, Flour
  • Serving 10 Servings


Sieve, Bowl - 3 pieces, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Cutting board, Knife, Saucepan, Kitchen paper towel, Kitchen stove, Mixer, Hand whisk, Pastry brush, Cupcake baking dish, Paper cupcake makers, Kitchen gloves, Oven, Toothpick, Wide serving dish

Cooking mom's cupcakes with raisins:

Step 1: prepare the starch-flour mixture.

To flour enriched with atmospheric oxygen and be without lumps, sift it through a sieve into a clean bowl. We perform the same procedure with starch. Then add starch and soda to a bowl of sifted flour. Using a tablespoon, mix the three ingredients well together to form a homogeneous bulk mixture. Attention: for the preparation of our baking, be sure to take wheat flour of the highest grade, fine grinding and the brand you have verified. Starch is best used potato.

Step 2: prepare the cottage cheese.

To make the cupcakes tender, you must first very carefully grind the cottage cheese, this makes it more uniform. Therefore, we transfer our ingredient to a sieve and with the help of a teaspoon or dessert spoon, constantly pressing it on the curd, let it pass into a free bowl. Attention: For the preparation of our baking, it is better to use fine-grained low-fat cottage cheese.

Step 3: prepare the margarine.

We put margarine on a cutting board and, using a kitchen knife, cut it into medium-sized pieces. Then we transfer our ingredient to the pan and put the container on a small fire. Stirring the margarine periodically with a tablespoon, completely melt it on fire. Then turn off the burner and cool the ingredient to a temperature 35 ° -37 ° Csince margarine should not be hot when we mix it with other ingredients to make the dough. Attention: If you wish, you can melt the margarine in the microwave. To do this, we need to shift our ingredient into a refractory container, and cover it with a lid on top.

Step 4: prepare the raisins.

We spread raisins in a free bowl and pour boiling water over it. for 10-15 minutes. Then we pour our ingredient from this container into a sieve and let the water drain. After - transfer the dried fruits to a paper towel and dry. Then put the raisins in a bowl with a small amount of flour and roll it in it. It is advisable to do this so that the raisins do not stick together and are evenly distributed in the dough. Attention: for the preparation of cupcakes, it is better to take seedless raisins.

Step 5: prepare the egg-sugar mixture.

Using a kitchen knife, free the chicken yolk and protein from the shell and pour into the mixer bowl. Then add sugar to the same container. At medium speed, well beat all the ingredients together to a uniform lush mass.

Step 6: prepare the dough.

In a bowl with mashed cottage cheese, add warm melted margarine, and then pour the egg-sugar mixture from the mixer bowl into the same container and, using a tablespoon or a hand whisk, mix all the ingredients together to a homogeneous mass. After that, in the same container, gradually and in small portions pour the starch-flour mixture and, using the same tableware, knead the dough well so that it does not form lumps. The dough in its consistency should resemble thick sour cream. Then pour the raisins to the resulting dough and, using the same dining equipment, mix the dough very carefully.

Step 7: Prepare Mom's Cupcakes with Raisins.

Put paper molds in cupcake tins and, using a pastry brush, grease the bottom and side walls with a little vegetable oil or melted creamy margarine. Pour the batter from the bowl with a tablespoon into each mold so that the dough fills the container no more than 2/3 of its volume and then with the same inventory we even out the dough on the entire surface of each tin so that the cupcakes are baked evenly. With the help of kitchen tacks, put the container with baking in a preheated oven to a temperature 180 ° -200 ° C. Bake cupcakes for 40-45 minutes in the set temperature mode. During this time, our baking should rise and lighten. Attention: baking time depends on the size of the cupcakes. Very important first 15 minutes do not open the oven door so that the dough does not settle, and the cupcakes are magnificent. The degree of readiness of baking is checked with a toothpick or wooden stick. If you pierce a cupcake with it, and after removing it from the dough, the stick will remain dry, which means that the baking is ready. The main thing is to stick a toothpick in the dough, and not in raisins. We turn off the oven and with the help of kitchen gloves we get the form with our pastries. Leave cupcakes in molds for 10-15 minutes. When the baking has cooled to room temperature, we take it out of the form and transfer it to a wide dish. Then, each cupcake is evenly sprinkled through a small sieve with powdered sugar, if desired.

Step 8: serve mom's cupcakes with raisins.

We serve a wide dish with pastries for tea. These delicate and fragrant cupcakes are suitable for both a festive table and a regular family tea party. It’s so nice to treat your relatives and friends with wonderful mom’s cupcakes. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - In the dough you can put vanilla sugar, as well as almond extract, cinnamon or other spices you like to use for baking.

- - You can also add chopped walnut to the dough, or fresh or canned fruits and berries.

- - For the preparation of dough, butter can be used instead of cream margarine.

- - Along with raisins, you can add any other dried fruits to the dough, such as chopped prunes or dried apricots.

- - You can decorate the cupcakes from above with fresh berries and fruit slices, as well as chopped nuts and candied fruits.

- - If you add a little cocoa powder to the dough, then the baking will turn out to be chocolate in color.

- - If you pre-soak the raisins in cognac for 30 minutes, then the pastries will acquire a unique taste.

- - If you use a silicone mold for baking muffins, then you do not need to grease it with oil.