Fragile neck

It's time for hot barbecues !!!!
If we go out on the green grass, it does not mean that we are doomed to serve only sandwiches made in a hurry! We can also prepare delicious grills with our loved ones!

  • 4 pieces of pork neck
  • 500 ml of beer
  • a lemon
  • a tablespoon,
  • salt,
  • pepper

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


In a bowl pour the beer and add sliced ​​lemon, as well as paprika, salt and pepper. Put the meat in this mixture and leave it to cool for 30 minutes to marinate.

The meat well wiped from the marinade in which it was placed is placed on the hot grill (I used the grill for the stove until another one), which we grease with fat of any kind. The pieces of meat return quite often on the grill, and when they have browned, they are removed from the grill.

Grilled marinated pork neck

  • In a bowl, mix the wine, olive oil, crushed garlic, thyme, rosemary, sugar, salt and pepper. Match the marinade with spices to taste.

Place the pieces of meat in a bowl and pour the marinade over them so that the meat is covered by the marinade. Cover the bowl with foil and refrigerate for a few good hours (3-4) then remove the meat and grill it.

Serve with a garnish (I used rice) and a salad.

Marinating and preparation

Pieces with more fat, such as neck or meatballs, are best suited for grilling. All pieces of meat should generally be about two inches wide - so they don't dry out too quickly on the grill.

Pork harmonizes perfectly with sweet and tasty notes of taste. Therefore, ingredients such as mustard, beer or honey are very suitable for marinades. For spices, rosemary, marjoram, sage or oregano are recommended.

Method of preparation

Even if, compared to beef, pork is more resistant to slightly longer grilling times, it is still good to keep an eye on the clock. And the pressure test is helpful: at a light pressure, the perfect piece of pork steak gives way easily.

  • Grilled raw sausages: 20 to 25 minutes, medium heat
  • Preferred sausages: 10 to 12 minutes, medium heat
  • Chop, steaks from the nape of the neck: 8 to 10 minutes, medium heat

Frying beef neck

This is not my blog about meat, but I thought it was good to put this recipe here, these are good days for traffic on www.adihadean.ro (over 16,000 unique visitors yesterday) and I think it's better than this story to be seen by as many people as possible. Okay, I'm not ashamed of the traffic on www.gurmandapetit.ro either (over 1000 unique visitors is the daily average), but the recipe fits well here as well. I am lucky that I know the one who writes on gurmandapetit.ro well and we managed to get along :).

The beef neck I'm talking about looks like this in the stores where it can be bought:

After removing it from the package, it looks like this:

The meat comes from Angus cattle raised in New Zealand in a combined diet (on pasture but also with non-genetically modified grains). For this reason, it is marbled enough to be able to offer juicy, delicious steaks (marbling is offered by the amount of intramuscular fat, the light threads in the image). It is then matured, which contributes decisively to taste and tenderness. Now that we have clarified the technical aspects, let's have a little fun, respectively to cook:

The meat (one piece, two or three) deserves coarse salt on all sides. Maybe a few drops of olive oil. The coarse salt is difficult to dissolve and simply but effectively seasons the pieces of meat. After 10-15 minutes, the meat is ready to roast. You need a good, thick-bottomed pan. A fire under it helps a lot. Heat the pan well (sprinkle with a little oil, the moment when it smokes is a good indicator of temperature). Put the meat in the pan and fry for two minutes on each side. You can turn it from side to side every 30 seconds. Will be rarely. For medium you can walk up to 3.5-4 minutes on each side (carefully and at the thickness of the piece of meat, 4 minutes could mean medium to well done) After removing the meat from the pan, let it rest for 5-6 minutes, on a plate, under a lid / bowl / bowl.

If you want better made meat, keep it on the fire longer. I like it exactly the way you see it. Stay healthy.

Raw-dried pork neck!

You can prepare "panada" with your favorite spices.


1.Wash the neck of the pig under a stream of cold water, then dry it very well with paper towels.

2. Take a dish the right size (preferably enameled) to fit the meat, without leaving much free space around it. Spread a generous layer of salt on its bottom.

3.Then put the meat in the prepared bowl and sprinkle with salt so that it covers it completely. Cover with a lid or cling film and refrigerate for 72 hours.

4. Remove the meat from the salt and wash it well under a stream of cold water.

5.Prepare the marinade: pour the vinegar into a large saucepan. Add salt, paprika, ground black pepper, dried rosemary and garlic passed through the garlic press. Stir.

6. Wash the meat well in the marinade obtained, then let it marinate for 5-10 minutes.

7. In the meantime prepare the "panada": put the ground black pepper, paprika, paprika and salt in a deep pan (preferably oval). Mix very well.

8. Remove the meat from the marinade and, without drying its surface, place it on a mincer. Pressing it with your hands, give it the shape of a stick.

9. Then roll it in a "panada" so that it completely covers its surface with spices.

10. Wrap the seasoned meat with baking paper, then fix it with food twine (during drying the meat reduces its volume - therefore, it would be good to tie the string very well on paper).

11.After binding, wrap the meat in another piece of baking paper (without binding) and refrigerate for 30 days.

12. In 30 days the raw-dried meat will be ready for consumption: as an appetizer or as a snack for beer, wine, etc.

How to make grilled pork neck with onion and garlic?

First remove the meat from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before cooking. I had 4 slices of neck that I cut into strips about 1 cm thick. I placed them in a bowl and sprinkled them with olive oil and seasoned them with freshly ground pepper and dried oregano (without salt!). I mixed it with my hands to make sure that each slice of meat is greased with oil and spices. I let it sit for 15 minutes.

During this time I cleaned and cut the vegetables: onion into thicker pieces, sliced ​​garlic and peppers into strips.

How to fry pork neck in a grill pan?

I heated the grill pan well. I worked on high heat. I threw the pieces of marinated nape in the hot pan and left them still for the first 2 minutes. I made sure to place them in a single row, so that they don't pile up. Why? Because otherwise steam and condensation form and I wake up with a puddle of juice in the pan. Goodbye browning!

After 2 minutes I started to turn the pieces of the neck with a spatula and make sure it browned on all sides. This thing takes about another 3 minutes. What a good smell !!

I took the browned meat out in a bowl and kept it warm, handy. Now I salted it and mixed it lightly. I don't salt it before cooking so it doesn't harden.

Baked pork neck with tomatoes

Baked pork neck with tomatoes is one of my favorite recipes with pork. Grilled is a crazy taste, especially if we fry it on the grill with wood, but also in the oven we can make a juicy and tender pork neck.

Many years ago, when I was going to the mountains with my parents, the pork neck was not missing from the grill, but do you know what I liked the most? Pork steak with mashed potatoes! How tender it came out, and I can't say about potatoes. But let's go back to today's recipe, the neck cooked in the oven.

This recipe is really not complicated at all slices of pork neck, but to get a delicious taste, we need quality meat, so be very careful where you buy it. It is best to go to a butcher and ask for the neck slices to be cut on the spot, they taste much better than the meat already cut and packed in plastic boxes.

What do we cook from pork neck?

The whole pork neck is my favorite oven steak! Due to the fat in this piece of meat, the roast in the oven comes out tender, juicy and has a wonderful taste.

Sure, a grilled neck is everyone's favorite, isn't it? How not to make a pork neck barbecue in the summer? So, yes, this is the best choice for a delicious barbecue.

Baked pork neck, although not so popular, I guarantee it is wonderful! I really hope you try this recipe with tomatoes, I say you will like it for sure.

Baked pork neck

I don & # 39; t know what my husband would do if his neck was taken off the sale & # 8230 I think he would start raising pigs in the country. I like it too, but not really. Or his. In fact, I think I should ask him one day what he would choose between pork neck and beer, but I'm afraid he will choose beer :)).

The recipe below is one of the many options in which you can prepare pork neck. Tender and juicy, plus it has a little sauce. I think I saw a similar version on TV but I don't remember exactly.

  • 4 slices of pork neck
  • 200ml fat yogurt
  • 1 small chopped onion
  • 2 cloves chopped garlic
  • 1/2 teaspoon marjoram (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 teaspoon mustard
  • salt pepper

We mix all the ingredients (without meat). Put a little oil in a heat-resistant dish, then the neck slices, grease them with the above mixture, add 100ml of water and cover with a foil.

Bake for 35 minutes on the right heat, then take the foil and leave for another 10 minutes.

Serve with potatoes or any other garnish. The nape of the neck is not pretentious, it's just tasty and even filling.

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Pork steak sliced ​​with vegetables and sausages in the oven & # 8211 neck on the tray & # 8211 very tender!

Pork steak sliced ​​with vegetables and sausages in the oven & # 8211 neck on the tray & # 8211 very tender! Baked pork neck on a bed of vegetables with potatoes, garlic, onions, peppers, carrots. Sliced ​​pork cooked on a platter. Steak recipes. Recipes with pork neck. Recipes with sliced ​​meat.

How to make tender and juicy pork steak but also red and appetizing? This question has been asked by many readers and I hope we have been able to provide the answer in many steak recipes which I published.

Generally we make roast pork in the oven in large pieces (1.5-3 kg) because it remains juicy and tender even after baking. Here's how we do it pork leg on the tray & # 8211 recipe here.

Or pig neck in the oven & # 8211 the recipe here.

Many people are used to pan-fried steaks made from slices. Why? I do not know! I think some people have the impression that this is the only way the meat "penetrates". They forget that by exposing the muscle fibers, they will dry out excessively during baking and the result will often be a dry and dull steak. Another mistake is to immerse these poor slices of meat in a sea of ​​liquids (water, wine, etc.) that do not fall during baking and that lead, most often, to a very unappetizing gray-gray stew, de- really dubious. These are "submarine steaks".

The sliced ​​neck at 2 cm thick is perfect for to be fried in a pan or on the grill & # 8211 see here. Why torment her in the oven?

And yet, if we follow some simple meat cooking techniques, we can also get a baked pork steak that is tasty, tender but that looks great!

A steak that can only be eaten with a fork! The meat is soft and melts in your mouth. All this is obtained through sailor and slow cooking in the oven.

Good. Let me show you how I made this wonderful pork steak sliced ​​with vegetables and baked sausages. From the quantities below come out approx. 6 good portions of neck on the tray with a generous garnish of cooked vegetables: potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots and peppers. It is not mandatory to put sausages, but their smoky aroma also contributes to the final taste of the dish. The nape of the neck can be replaced with pork fat with some fat. This recipe is NOT made with lean pork leg or deboned and defatted cutlet.

I mentioned marinating above: yes, this meat must be marinated in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours (preferably 48 hours).

Pork neck differently

Great thing in Romanian, pork neck. From the shooting driver to the philharmonic flutist, the great piece delights and caresses like an old and reliable friend, especially on the long road and the grill on the run. When he gets his hands on it, the Romanian man feels masterful and free, he turns into Peer Gynt, Buddenbrook and Alain Ducasse when he was little. He touches knowingly, gives salt and criticizes the size of the pepper, analyzing it with a reddish eye on the technical nail of the little finger. You have nothing to explain. He knows. He is not sure when to use which and which, if it is correct service or service, the hyphens sometimes give him emotions, but the neck, the neck of the pig knows how to treat it, he knows the hidden springs and the states of aggregation, when he throws it on the grill it is one with it, it is there, by the fire, it feels the burn and reverberates fully and metaphysically when the lines of fat melt in the substance of the flesh. He is a creator consumed in creation. It's the alpha and omega of pork neck.
I am Romanian, a bit Hungarian, a bit Slovak, but Romanian and I tell you how I make up my neck when winter comes over my homeland.
I remember winter because then we have exotic fruits at a good price and it's a shame not to take advantage of them. Today we use three: pineapple, orange and papaya. No, not for the garnish, but for a marinade that will transform the meat by frying it to the ineffable stage.
You need 2-3 rounds of fresh pineapple, cleaned of woody parts, the juice of a small orange and the pieces of half a papaya. The rest, fruit salad, pavlova with exotic fruits, cocktail with vodka, whatever you want.

Pineapple contains bromelain, a miraculous enzyme that breaks down proteins, tenderizing meat.
Orange, beyond the flavor, contains citric acid that penetrates and softens any fibers.
Papaya papaya is also a proteolytic enzyme often used for tenderizing meat.

Put them all in a blender and turn them into juice. Add a pinch of salt, pepper and thyme over the meat. Roll the neck slices through this stain and leave them in the fridge for 8 to 24 hours, as you have time.

Heat the grill well. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Dab it with a napkin. Sprinkle with a little freshly ground pepper. Fry it for 5 minutes on each side with a drop of oil. I recommend 10 minutes in total with spin every two minutes. Let it rest for another 10 minutes.

Today I accompanied it with a corn cream and some baked potatoes.
Bonus: For corn cream, boil 500 grams of corn kernels in salted water for 15-20 minutes. Heat in a pan 100 grams of butter and three cloves of crushed garlic. Season with salt, a drizzle of pepper and thyme. Blend until it becomes a homogeneous cream. Thin with cooking cream or corn water until you get a slightly flowing composition. Strain through a sieve to remove the shells.

And as, apart from the barbecue, the Romanian is also a poet, I say to conclude in verses:
With a neck we all owe,
That's not all if you die
As a shammar of Cismigiu
or as a Romanian grater.

Baked pork neck

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Roast pork neck steak

Thyme 1 kg pork neck, 1 bag of thyme, ground black pepper, 100 g black olives, 50 g secret taste, 150 ml red wine, 1 red bell pepper, 30 ml oil, 100 g tomato paste.

Grilled pork neck

Meat dishes 4 slices of pork neck salt pepper and paprika 4 potatoes

Pork neck steak in Romanian dish

Meat dishes 2 kg fresh pork neck one onion 3 cloves garlic pepper, allspice, bay leaf 2 apples 50 ml white wine

Grilled pork neck

Meat dishes 1 kg neck 200 ml wine an onion 4 cloves garlic salt pepper spices to taste

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